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SECS new house basements and additions

My entire business career, owning four businesses over 25 years, I have always invested in my businesses and equipment to provide better service to clients, a better end product.  from my Collision Repair facility,  to  the firearms store and indoor shooting range, and now for Sovereign Excavation & Construction Solutions.  Investing thousands of dollars in new equipment that provides safe, effective, timely, quality results.  New Home digs, additions,  Demolitions structures, concrete and more.

Webster Groves Electrical Line Dig is Done

Another Crestwood concrete project

 Join SECS as Matt begins a side walk and concrete stairway pour that will be dressed with a terraced retaining wall  What solution may we bring to you?  www.sovereignexcavation.com 

Webster Groves Concrete Hot Tub Pad

 Join SECS as Matt completes an 8'x8'x6" concrete pad for a client to install their hot tub www.sovereignexcavation.com 314-308-7161 

Webster Groves Electrical Dig is Done

 Join SECS As Matt shows off the graded yard after compmeteing a massive electrical an der water line dig, massaive stump removal, and concrete hot tub pad!  www.sovereignexcavation.com  314-308-7161 

Breaking the Bedrock Part 1

 Join SECS as Matt begins a large excavation project on shills side filled with slate and bed rock. Stump removal, creation of a new parking lot and tree removal   www.sovereignarms.com  314-308-7161 

Breaking the Bedrock Part 2

 Join SECS As Matt describes the the excavation of a hug even Bed rock hill.  www.sovereignexcavation.com 314-398-7161 

Land Clearing in Valley Park

 Join SECS as Matt begins a land Clearing project in Valley Park MO and Picks up a 3500lb plus concrete barricade with his CAT 305 excavator  www.sovereignexcavation.com 314-308-7161 

All Clear with the Land Clear in Valley Park

 Join SECS as Matt finishes a land and brush Clearing job with some final grading of an entry road.   www.sovereignexcavation.com  314-308-7161 


 Join SECS as Matt gives you an inside view from his CAT 305 Excavator using the been H55E 8000 lb breaker hammer and begins the tedious process of breaking down thuan massive rock hillside  www.sovereignexcavation.com  314-308-7161 


 Join SECS as Matt breaks out the H55E 8000 lb flat top hammer on the CAT 305 excavtor as this Hill has got some MASSIVE rock tables that will need to be broken down!  www.sovereignexcavation.com  314-308-7161 

Emergency Water Main dig in Laberdie MO

 Join SECS as Matthew makes a midnight run to Laberdie MO to dig a trench for a new waterline as the existing line hadn’t burst underground and was leaking 1/2 a gallon per minute!  What solution may we bring to you?  www.sovereignexcavation.com 

Buttoning it up in Laberdie

 Join SECS as Matt backfill she the trench with sand first Over the new water line then buttons the rest of the trench with dirt and grades the yard.   What solution may we bring to you?  www.sovereignexcavation.com 

Creating a Terraced retaining wall in Crestwood MO

 Join SECS as Matthew completes the sidewalk and concrete stairs and begins the prep work to outline the new concrete With a nice retaining wall  www.sovereignexcavation.com 

Crestwood Retaining Wall Part 2

 Join SECS as Matt continues his retaining wall project in Crestwood MO.  www.sovereignexcavation.com 

Crestwood Retaining Wall Complete

 Join SECS as Matt shows the complete retaining walls, that outline the concrete steps, and sidewalk he poured  for a Crestwood client  What solution may we bring to you?  www.sovereignexcavation.com