CAT 305 Electrical line trenching Webster MO

Join SECS as Matt trenches 400 + linear feet 1' x 4' to bury electric and telecommunications lines in Webster, MO


Join SECS as Matt shows the nearly completed massive DECKAMANIA project with lighting


Join SECS as Matt discusses the installation of the composite railings on the GLORIOUS staircase


Join SECS as the DECKAMANIA project is underway.  See work arounds and Matt discuss solutions for issues that come up during construction


Joins SECS as they build a 7' staircase for their DECKAMANIA project 


Check out this great video


Deckamania continues with SECS and the Fenton MO project


Joins SECS as they excavate and  build a massive 660 sq ft. multi level composite deck in Fenton, MO

Rock Hill Deck part 3

Join SECS as the Rock Hill deck project is coming together with beautiful Cedar toned decking

Rock Hill Cedar Deck Part 2

Join Secs as we continue with the completion of the stair case on our beautiful

Rock Hill Cedar deck Part 1

Check out this great video

View from the CAT auger piers

Joins SECS and get a view from inside the cab of the new CAT 305 excavator as Matt augers piers for a project in Rock Hill MO

Rock Hill Deck Piers Completed

Join SECs as Matt discusses the piers and strategies for the application of the Rip Rock with the new CAT 305 excavator

Platform Removal with CAT Excavator

Join SECS as we remove a huge concrete platform with our CAT 305 excavator for a deck project in Rock Hill, MO

FED Ex Parking Lot demo PART 1

Join SECS as we begin removal of 2500 lb pieces of concrete from the Fed Ex parking lot in St. Charles, MO using our new CAT 305 excavator.

Rock Hill Rip Rock Installation

Joins SECS as we install Rip Rock using our new CAT 305 excavator on the Rock Hill deck project,

Fed Ex Concrete tear out

Join SECS as we tear out 2500 lb sections of  9-10" concrete for Fed Ex in St. Charles, MO  with our new CATERPILLAR 305 excavator

Auger Piers on Hillside

Join SECS as we use our CAT 305 Excavator to auger holes for piers on this hillside and prepare the site for piers

Auger Piers on hillside part 2

Joins SECS as we use our CAT 305 excavator and auger equipment to precisely auger piers  for another beautiful deck  built in Rock Hill, MO

Rock Hill Demolition and Deck Prep

Join SECS as we begin a Cedar tone deck project in Rock Hill, MO as we demolish the broken concrete stairs with our CAT 305 excavator, and prepare the hillside for a new 12' x 20 ' Cedar Tone deck with stairs and railings

New Sidewalk in Crestwood MO

Join SECS as Matt uses husband CAT 305 to demo an existing walkway and prepare the site for a new curved concrete sidewalk


Sidewalk forms ready

Join SECS as Matt finalized the sidewalk forms and levels and grades the walkway for concrete.


Wiggling the CAT around the corner

Join SECS As Matt wiggles his 305 CAT excavator around a very difficult garage corner avoiding many obstacles as he digs trenches for electrical line submersion.


Crestwood Concrete Sidewalk Shuttle

Join SECS as Matt prepares to pour concrete and has to shuttle the concrete in with the skidsteer because the chutes were not functioning on the cement truck

Webster Electrical line dig

Join SECS as Matt digs several hundred feet of trench for electrical line burial for a client with his CAT 305 excavator.



Join SECS as Matt prepares to descend a rather steep hill to begin the dig out of what turned out to be a massive tree stump.



Join SECS as Matt unearths a massive stump and reveals his ability to imitate Steve Erwin! LOL



Join SECS as the HUMPTY STUMPTY trilogy continues a short the stump tries to outweigh the CAT 305!


Stump & Bump in Maplewood MO

Join SECs as Matt begins a stump removal and grading project in Maplewood MO using his CAT 305 excavator

Crestwood sidewalk complete

Join SECS As Matt shows off the completed sidewalk project in Crestwood MO.


Filling in Foundation windows with Concrete

Join SECS as Matt brings another solution for a client that has water pouring in through the windows.  The foundation windows will be concreted in with rebar drilled into the window opening.  Then stay tuned for an new driveway pour to pitch the water away from the home and foundation.

Kirkwood MO Driveway project

Joine SECS as Matt begins a driveway project to resolve water pouring in through the foundation windows.  The windows were removed and concreted in and new driveway poured with the proper pitch to divert water away from the house and foundation.

Kirkwood driveway... Here comes the Concrete

Join SECS as Matt Buggies in the concrete with his skid steer for the driveway project in Kirkwood.

Kirkwood Concrete windows part 3

Join SECS as Matt has finalized  the forms and  prepares to concrete the window openings in the foundation

Kirkwood MO Driveway Pour Complete

Join SECS as Matt shows the finished driveway project in Kirkwood, MO

Installing Rip Rap part 1

Join SECS as Matt installs Rip Rap rock on the Hillside in Rock hill

CAT 305 Cab view booming in the Rip Rap

Join SECS as Matt gives you an in cab view from his new CAT 305 excavator as he booms in Rip Rock while on a steep hill in Rock Hill MO