Massive Retaining wall Collapse in Bellfountaine

 Join SECS as Matt removes hundreds of RR ties after a 6” Water main blew out and collapsed nearly 100’ x 12x 14’ of retaining wall and back fill material. Lots of challenges on this project with hidden utilities and right working space! 

Bellfountaine Retaining wall Tear Out with the CAT 305

 Join SECS as Matt demos a 100’ retaining wall collapse and digs out nearly  500 cubic yards of dirt along with hundreds of RR ties 

What solution may we bring to you?


SECS and our new CAT 299 D2


Join SECS as Matt BREAKIN in his new CAT 299 D2 track loader moving TONS of material on this retaining wall collapse project in Bellfountaine MO


What solution may we bring to you ?


CAT 299 D2 Loading out the Dump truck from the loading mound


Join SECS as Matt uses Giancola new CAT 299D2 to move tons of material quickly loading from the ground side and up the 10’ dirt loading platform he created


What solution may we bring to you ?


Bellfountaine Retaining Wall Collapse excavation complete

 Join SECS as Matt shows the excavated  site, Digs the trench for the  base layer of retaining wall blocks,  and installs some the minus for the base layer   What solution may we bring to you?  www.sovereignexcavation.comSHOW MORE

Crestwood Driveway tear out. "Eyes open opportunity"


Join SECS as Matt ascertains a job just by keeping his eyes open for an  opportunity. Always be  ready to sell your business services , market yourself, and then take action to seize opportunities when they present themselves. This job wasn’t won by offering assistance to remove broken concrete for another contractor working on a job in a way that did not step on their toes or make them feel as though I️ was encroaching on their client. By making contact with home owner of the project, after I️

A new yard for a Crestwood Client


Join SECS while Matt siezes an opportunity to take the concrete and Materials from a nearby project to create a new yard for a client who previously had a terraced retaining wall built by SECS


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